Seb discovered psychedelic music at a young age. He grew up with progressive rock and metal music. He started to compose his own songs when he was young. He played the guitar in a band, and he made his first concerts at the age of 16. He discovered the underground techno scene in 2009 and he enjoyed it immediately when he heard the first pieces of music. Soon he became fond of psychedelic trance and all the culture that goes with it. He started to compose livesets after he went to the Ozora Festival during the summer of 2013. In 2015 he joined the association « La Buena Onda » which helped him to make a name for himself in the trance scene thanks to several dates planned in various regions of France.
The sap, the bark and the spirit, these are the universes revealed by Cambium. His music is inbetween earth and space. He transports you in his bright and psychedelic spirit thanks to powerful Goa and Acid tones and progressive influences.

• Cambium •